Shipping Policies


  • We ship in corrugated boxes with bursting strength of 275 pounds or 44 edge crush tested boxes.
  • We take pride in our ability to get your snails safely to their destination.  Because our shippers do not provide insurance for "perishable" items, we are unable to ensure your snails through USPS.  However, our company has been known to reimburse or re-ship to customers who let us know of a problem when the customer covers the Shipping/Handling costs.  We follow strict shipping guidelines set forth by UPS/USPS.  
  • If you choose to ship UPS Next Day Air, we will ensure for the value of your snails. If snails don't survive shipping, you must provide us with photos of the dead snails.  We reserve the right to decline refunds.
  • Please take care when you are ordering.  Check the weather!!  Plan to be home the day your package is coming in! Snails enter a "hibernation-like" state when left alone for extended amounts of time (especially when traveling).  It's not uncommon for your snail to appear to be playing dead when it arrives.  Put the snail in a bowl of water for a short period. This process will "wake" it.  Remember land snails need oxygen so don't leave them in the water too long.
  • Please watch for updates to this section as these are only the basic guidelines in regards to shipping.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns,  please feel free to use the Contact Us tab.  We would love to hear from you!
  • We ship every Monday and Tuesday. 
  • Orders outside of California will require a permit.

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